Professional Auto Mechanic — Annandale, VA

If you need a professional auto mechanic for reliable vehicle maintenance in or near Annandale, VA, trust Chandler & Sons Automotive. We are a family-owned and operated vehicle maintenance and repair company that has been servicing the residents in Annandale, VA since 1975. We offer full-service vehicle maintenance and repairs, and guarantee we’ll get the job done right the first time. From basic oil changes to replacing or rebuilding your engine, the professional auto mechanics at Chandler & Sons Automotive can handle it for you. Some of the services and maintenance we offer include:

  • Oil changes and filter replacements: Changing your vehicle’s oil regularly will keep it running more smoothly and extend the life of the engine. You’ll get better gas mileage and prevent dirt and sludge from building up in your engine, ensuring a smoother ride and a longer lasting vehicle.
  • Timing belt: The timing belt is an extremely important part of your vehicle. It is the link between the two parts of your engine and regulates proper air flow within your engine. When the timing belt is having issues, you may hear an unusual ticking sound, or your vehicle may lose power..
  • Electrical systems: Your vehicle’s electrical system keeps everything going, so it’s necessary to receive proper maintenance on a regular basis. Your electrical system consists of the battery, starter, and alternator. .
  • Ignition issues: Regular maintenance can prevent ignition issues that could prevent your vehicle from starting..
  • Transmission: Maintenance for your transmission can include fluid level checks, a transmission fluid flush, or a transmission fluid change. .
  • AC and Heating: Weather in Annandale requires the use of both AC and heating, depending on the time of year. Regular maintenance from Chandler & Sons Automotive will keep your AC or heating running properly whenever you need it..
  • Odometer calibration: Odometer calibration ensures your speedometer is reading accurately. On newer vehicles, this is done electronically and requires specific equipment..
  • Alignment: Vehicle alignment ensures that your tires wear evenly, keeps your vehicle from veering in one direction or another, and maintains properly centered steering capabilities..
  • Suspension repairs: Maintaining your vehicle’s suspension keeps everything running smoothly and you in control of your vehicle..
  • Exhaust system repairs: The exhaust system in your vehicle diverts harmful fumes from the engine and prevents carbon monoxide buildup in the passenger area. .
  • And more!

At Chandler & Sons Automotive, we are equipped and experienced at handling any type of vehicle maintenance that you may need. And, our goal is to provide you with both excellent vehicle maintenance and customer service, so you’ll keep coming back!

Expertly Trained, ASE-Certified Mechanics for Annandale

Chandler & Sons Automotive is an AC Delco Master Tech Shop, and in addition to that, our mechanics are ASE certified. From working on hybrid cars to collision repair, there are over 40 unique tests that ASE offers. Qualifications for becoming certified are getting a passing grade on at least one test and completing two years of related work experience. Those who complete more than one test will be given Master status. These certification tests must be retaken every five years to ensure certified technicians are current with new changes.

Through having a panel of executives, manufacturers, educators, and working technicians in the automotive industry write the exams, the ASE ensures quality and accuracy. The tests are made up of multiple-choice questions and are typically completed in one to two hours. Only two-thirds of the people who take ASE certifications will pass on their first try

By selecting automotive technicians who are ASE Certified, your car will be in the hands of professionals who are experienced and knowledgeable. Rather than just trusting any repair shop for the repairs and maintenance that your car needs, you can count on someone you know will handle the work correctly.

Annandale’s Trusted Auto Mechanic — Chandler & Sons Automotive

Chandler & Sons Automotive strives to provide the best customer service and car maintenance available to Annandale, VA and the surrounding cities. We offer a 12-month, 12,000-mile warranty on parts and labor. Our team of professional vehicle mechanics can provide the vehicle maintenance you need to keep you safely on the road. Call us at (703) 437-7300 and remember, all roads lead to Chandler & Sons Automotive!

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